A simple man from Southern California, I am an optimistic adventurer and one who always seeks balance & serenity. My love for scuba diving led me to a home on an organic farm on Hawaii. from there I have walked the lands of many states in search of something more. Knowledge, self-reliance, and great camping gear have allowed me to travel freely. I can call any place my home. My tent may be enough for now but my future is on my own land.

Adobe / Coding / Hosting / Branding / Identity / Design / UI/UX
I hail from the cold bits of the world. an eastern snow-blown meadow by the woods. A restless child, I have satisfied my curiosity through travel. I’ve lived in Israel for some time and miss the Mediterranean ocean breeze. much of a contrast to my small apartment in New York and the excitement of endless festivities with friends. For now I long for a quiet farm at the base of a mountain or on a forest path. Living off the earth and listening to the wind.

Branding / Printing / Illustration / Animation / Identity / Design
What we do
When put together, our different backgrounds, experiences, and outlooks allow us to create beautiful and solid works. We truly love what we do.
full branding & identity crafting
partial re-design & re-branding
high quality logo crafting
illustration & animation
web design & development
mobile site design & development
user interface development
user experience enhancement
product packaging
business card design & printing
signage, flyers, stationary, etc.
Our dream
Our work is our livelihood. It is important to us that our work reflects our artistic vision. our favorite clients so far have been:
kind, honest people
local businesses
restaurants & foodies
painters & illustrators
tattoo legends
music masters
barber shops
coffee shops
pop-up businesses
organic farmers
non-profit organizations
Our likes &
Most of our time is spent on work and traveling but we find time for other things we love. Here is a glimpse into what we care about:
sustainable living
organic farming
vegan cooking
a (mostly) plant-based lifestyle
yoga & meditation
hiking & minimalistic camping
long trips & exploring
home-made goods
great coffee
craft beer
our hounds
books & bonfires
Once a year, go someplace you've never been before.
- Dalai Lama